The Yacht Tender

The Yacht Tender style of dinghy has been designed with very rounded and full lines to provide adequate load carrying capacity for very smallAriel dinghies. It has a greater amount of freeboard for the length than the Classic Dinghy and the sheerline is not quite as pronounced.

With a flatter sheerline this hull will be very easy  to carry on the deck of your cruiser turned upside down.  Also, it’s light weight will make it easy to use with or without davits. It is a      general purpose design that will perform very well for rowing and sailing or with a small long shaft outboard motor.

This dinghy has a beautiful rounded hull shape that will be easy to build and will be very functional for use as a Yacht Tender.

Although originally designed as a nine footer, these hull lines are suitable for building in smaller sizes. When you purchase the plans package for this design you will receive specifications for seven, eight and nine foot hulls. Changing the length from a nine footer to a seven or eight footer will change the displacement, load      carrying capacities and hydrostatic characteristics but the beam will still be 4 feet and the draft will still be 6.2 inches.

This hull is designed specifically for the amateur boat builder (as are all Compumarine designs) who wants to build a round bottom type of hull. Cedar strip hulls saturated with epoxy and sheathed with fiberglass inside and out are very strong and lightweight for their size and are very easy to build.

This method of construction will produce ideal boats where beauty and ease of handling are important. Their performance characteristics are unexcelled and impossible to achieve with other types of construction. Using the full size station mold patterns and the highly descriptive building manual a person with little or no wood working skills and minimum tools can build one of these boats.

You can build one of the small Yacht Tenders for less than $500 in materials using approximately 200 hours of your spare time. It can be built in a very small work space such as a single car garage, a basement or even a spare room.

Building one of these small craft is a terrific project for those spare time hours when you really want something productive, interesting and fun to do.

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10 thoughts on “The Yacht Tender

  1. Hi there,
    I’d be really interested in building a 7′ yacht tender for my yacht Rondine.
    Does it contend closed spaces to prevent sinking?
    Could you provide pictures with better resolution from inside and outside?
    Is it also the cedar strip building method?


    1. Hello Ernst
      You will need to build closed spaces in the hull. I do it with foam filled seats. It is Cedar Strip construction.

  2. John,

    I just ordered plans for a Yacht Tender via PayPal. Please ship to:
    Robert Anderson
    310 10th Ave E
    Palmetto, FL 34221

    Also, please reply via email to confirm the order.

    Thank you for your great work.
    Robert Anderson

    1. Thank you Robert for your order for the Yacht Tender plans. You will really enjoy building this boat. I hope you will get lots of use from it. Thanks…John

  3. Hi John,

    Can the 9′ Yacht Tender be built to accommodate a sailing rig and an optional 2 hp outboard.


    1. No problem. You will use the same sail plans that come with the Classic Dinghy reduced in size just a little…John

  4. Hi John, I built a 10′ classic dingy based on your plans that I bought in 2006. I would like to add the sail plan but the manual only shows the measurements for the 12 foot dinghy. Can I scale everything down to 83% and build it into a sail boat? Where should I step the mast?

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