The Fisherman

FishermanThis hull is designed for use as an      easily car-topped fishing boat and was originally designed for a fly fisherman in Texas. It will perform very well for use in lakes, rivers and protected coastal waters. It is a planing type hull designed for use with a small outboard motor. Up to twelve horsepower outboards can be used with this small craft if sufficient flotation is built into the seats in the hull.        The twelve foot hull with two foam flotation seats built in will weigh less than 85 lbs. It is a strong , lightweight hull that can be easily transported to a favorite fishing area. If your not into fishing use it as a small runabout just for fun!   Although designed originally as a twelve footer, this Fisherman dinghy can be built in lengths (LOA) of twelve or fifteen feet, simply by changing the station spacing and the length of the strongback. Specifications are provided for both lengths (LOA) twelve and fifteen feet. The same mold patterns are used for both lengths.      The displacement, load capacity and hydrostatic calculations are different for each length. When you purchase the plans package for this dinghy you will receive full size patterns for the eleven station molds and the stem and transom pieces and the most comprehensive construction manual currently available for amateur boat builders. The manual provides a complete written description and a photographic illustration of each step of the construction process. It is a lot of fun, building your own fishing boat!  

This easily car topped fishing boat will have you at your favorite fishing hole at any time you like and at a moments notice.

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16 thoughts on “The Fisherman

  1. What is the difference of beam between the power dinghy and the fisherman? Can the beam on both be widened if the boats were lengthen to 15 feet?

    1. Hello Bill…The beam is 1 foot wider on the Power Dinghy than the Fisherman. The beam can be widened by about 3″ max…John

  2. hi john this will be my first boat to build cant wait to get started just odered the plans and just wanted to know if the plans have a list of the thing i will need to buy like the fiberglass i’ve never messed with it and not sure what kind to buy. thanks

    1. Hello Josh…Thank you for your order for the Classic Dinghy plans. You will really enjoy building your own boat. Please send me an email with your current shipping address. I will ship the plans to you as soon as I receive the verified address. Thanks

  3. Hi John, I have been looking for a boat design that I can build using either the wood strip method of a modified wood canvas method. When I was young, a friend of my dad had a car top fishing boat that was wood canvas. I have not been able to find the make of his model. However, your design of the Fisherman intrigues me and I would like a bit more information before I leap into this project. I would like to build the boat to 15 feet so I can have a greater load capacity and room for fishing. My concern is that a long narrow boat would not provide this room. What is the beam on the Fisherman? Can I use this design to build the boat using a wood canvas method modified to use the WEST epoxy system instead of canvas? I have built several wood strip canoes and I am very familiar with this technique. But this the first time I will be using ribs and planking. I can be reached at or by phone 937-470-8275. Your help is greatly appreciated. Stephen Barr.

  4. I want to build the fisherman as dingy for a powerboat. However I need it to be 10 feet. It it possible to shorten it to 10? I need to put an 8 hp outboard on it.

    1. Hello Guy…Yes the Fisherman can be shortened to 10 feet. You will only need to change the station spacing on the strongback to 10 inches instead of the standard 12 inch spacing.

  5. Hi John , I wish to build your boat and try to keep it under fifty pounds to better handle on top of my jeep. Might I be able to reduce weight by building a false floor with foam and using 4 ounce glass throughout her! My goal is to use nothing more than a electric motor or at most a six horse. I will use her for fly fishing the flats inside our reefs! Many thanks . ! Terry

  6. Terry,
    In Florida it is quite often very difficult to find 16+foot lengths of suitable wood to cfutg the strips from. Is it ok to use some shorter lengths as is done in strip canoes, with the breaks at the stations.

    Thank you

    1. Hello Woody…I don’t recommend using shorter strips. It is worth the effort to find long enough wood for the size of the hull you want. If you absolutely have too, you can use shorter strips…John

  7. Dear Sirs
    I am in Croatia, so may you ship the plans there ?
    I need strip building plan for sail boat L=16′, B=6,5′ , wooden long keel of max high 8″.
    For your guidance, boat looks as passera or GB working boat.
    Your dingy 12″ looks like. is possible to modifie the actual plan ?
    I need this boat for old timer race in Croatia
    Mario Fafangel

    1. Thanks Mario…The Compumarine Power Dinghy will work just fine for what you want. When you place the order we will ship the plans to you in Croatia.

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